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Structures & Outcomes

You're either committed to the coaching process, or considering it.  So what can you expect from our working together?

Here's what I really do....

I work with women who feel conflicted, chaotic & confined & show them how to shift into clarity, centeredness, & confidence.

A picture of Rebecca Thomas - More Than A Life Coach, sitting as she looks off in the distance with a wide smile.

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It's all about Accountability, Authenticity, & Alignment

Re-frames & Quotes that I love

Pink Salt
A picture of an open hand, facing upwards, with what looks like litle lights rising up towards the sky.

We've all heard the saying "What did I do to deserve this".  We can wonder why it's happening to us or we can struggle with how to welcome it.  Here's the thing, we deserve EVERY good and amazing thing.  What happens when instead of asking what you did to deserve something you replaced it with "What am I doing to receive this"?

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