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Rebecca Thomas,
"More Than A Life Coach"

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Do you feel stuck? Alone? Overwhelmed?
Do you ever find yourself wondering what your calling is, how things got so off-track, wishing you could "fix" everything with the snap of your fingers?
Everyone experiences hard times, but few effortlessly turn it into a starting point for a new life full of happiness.
I'm here to apply my years of personal experience to helping you find your hidden potential, and guide you through a process that will allow you to develop and grow into your true, authentic self.

Thought-Based Approach

A new and invigorating energy is as "simple" as a change in your mindset, and your environment.

Do you need guidance to achieve your goals in life?  Does clarity and purpose seem to evade you?  Overthinking and control are the masters of overwhelm and procrastination. 
What if there was an easier way?


Mindset Coaching

Learn How To Empower Yourself And
Make The Changes You Want


Relationship Coaching

Lean Into Your Authenticity To Radiate The Same Kind Of Energy You Want To Attract


Learn How to Create an Environment Full of Positive and Restorative Energy

Improve Your Personal Energy By Surrounding Yourself With Things That Promote Inner Peace And Happiness

I label myself as "More Than A Life Coach", and here's why.  When a lot of people think of life coaching, they relate it to their personal lives.  And sometimes it's hard to justify hiring someone to help you "fix your life" because it feels like we should be able to do it ourselves.  Am I right? 

But here's the deal, most of shifting our lives is accomplished in MINDSET and habits.  If it were that easy to do many of us wouldn't struggle in.... well, life.  Not only that, but shifting your mindset doesn't just create changes in your personal life.  It ends up translating to ALL areas of your life, personal and professional.  It's not "Just" life coaching, it's EVERYthing coaching!  💗


So, here’s the deal.  You’re amazing.  And we’ll talk more about that.  But ultimately YOU are responsible for the decisions, choices, and actions that will create the shift you’re looking for.  Wonderful things like free will, intuition, and gut instincts are a part of you.  And you will use those things as we go through this journey.  I’ll be here to guide, support, and empower you.  But I need you to know that by securing my services and viewing my content, you acknowledge that I’m not liable or responsible for making these things happen.

Thanks Babe!  Xoxo